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Dear visitors

Here you can find some information that will make it easier for you to search the library and archive databases of the documenta Archive.

The library database contains bibliographic references to books, exhibition catalogues, magazines and brochures on the documenta and its artists and on contemporary art in general. The archive database allows you to do a cross-media search involving image material, newspaper articles and videos. Since this database is still under development, you can currently only access image material and press articles on documenta 1-5 and selected video footage of the series of lectures "100 days, 100 guests”, which took place at documenta 10.

To view images in high resolution or to read the full text of press articles, you have to register once at www.mediencluster-documenta.de, giving your name, a password and your e-mail address. You will soon receive an e-mail with your login data for the database. Your login data will remain active for 12 months. Certain contents of the database may be blocked for copyright reasons (see Terms of Use).

Searching the library database for literature:

The search area literature search is the start page. With the simple search , you can search for certain terms which you enter in the "search box” – e. g. Beuys or Bauhaus or impressionism. If you want to narrow your simple search somewhat, you can additionally choose an index from the field "search criterion” and then submit the combined query.

With the multi-field search, you can search more precisely, e. g. if you already have some information about the title and, in addition, know the author.

Finally, you can use the complex search for a targeted search in certain fields with one or more search terms.

For the expert CCL search, you need a thorough knowledge of the relevant command language.

Searching the library database for information on artists data:

You can access this search area by clicking the button artists data in the upper menu bar. Here you can find information on individual artists/groups of artists and the lists of artists in the documenta exhibitions by entering the surname and/or first name of an artist or the number of a certain documenta in the "keyword field”.

Searching the library database by means of the alphabetical index:

You can access the search area index search by clicking the relevant button in the upper menu bar. Enter your search term in the ”search box” and then choose a certain index from the "index field”, e. g. artist or title keyword. As a result, you will receive a list to browse of all book titles matching your search.

Searching the archive database for image material and press articles:

On the start page, you can use the simple search for queries based on certain terms that you enter in the "search box” – e. g. the name of an artist or the title of a work of art. You have the option to limit this simple search to individual documenta exhibitions by using the field "select collection”.

The start page also gives direct access to the collections . You can begin your search here if you know right from the start that you only want information on a specific documenta exhibition and if you want to view all relevant material or are interested in either the image material or the press clippings. As a next step, you can sort the press articles by language and the images of the works of art by the precise location where they were displayed at the documenta (building/floor/room).

To carry out a complex search, please click the tab advanced search . Here, too, you can directly choose individual collections. In addition, you have the possibility to carry out a more targeted search by choosing a particular "media type” or a special "file format”, or by using certain keywords from the index through the button "search fields”, and by then entering your search term.

In this context, we would particularly like to mention the option "full text only” for press articles. The search term used for the full text search will be highlighted in the displayed articles, so that you can assess the relevance of the article more quickly. You can further specify your search by using the so-called Boolean operators (and, or, not).

A special search area consists of the exhibition plans, which you can find on the start page in the upper menu bar. Here you can use the ground plans of the exhibition buildings of documenta 1-5 to visit individual floors and rooms, and with one click, you can view the images of the works of art which were exhibited there. Thus you can take a virtual tour of documenta 1-5 which will give you a vivid understanding of how staging and architecture of the exhibition have developed.

Combined search for all media types and artists data by means of the media cluster:

The databases have been integrated in a media cluster, thus allowing for a combined search. If you search the library catalogue, you will therefore not only be shown the search results, but also a link in form of a button in the upper menu bar. As soon as you use this link, your search will be carried out in the archive database as well and you will be presented with search results in the form of press articles, image material or videos. Vice versa, the results of your search for image material and press articles include a link to the library catalogue which you can use to see the relevant literature or artists data.

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