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picture: Media archive from the documenta archiv; © Ryszard Kasiewicz/documenta Archive

The media archive collects images in 35 mm slide format and Ektachromes, principally in connection with works and events by artists from the various documenta exhibitions. An extensive collection of black and white photographs concentrates principally on the documenta exhibitions 1, 7, 8 and 10. A photograph collection of artist portraits is currently in development. All documentary photographs and slides may be viewed and can be lent out for reproduction purposes for a utilisation fee. Inquiries regarding prices and conditions may be made by telephone or in writing. (See also List of Fees and Prices)


The principal focal points of the documenta Archive’s Videotheque are documentations of art exhibits and events as well as artist portraits of the 20 th century and art videos of the last 30 years. This collection, which is continually being expanded, has a cataloguing system that allows speedy access to the desired material. Owing to copyright considerations, Videotheque items may, however, only be viewed on the Archive premises. Use of a video projector enables presentations for seminars and other group events to be carried out.

More than 3,000 video titles, 25,000 slides, 1,000 Ektachromes, 7,500 b/w photographs, 2,000 artist portraits


Fees are charged for some services (e.g. copying and printing). Please consult our List of Fees and Prices for information.

Attention: As our website is under permanent construction, please have a look at our German version of this page as well.
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